League SetupEdit

The number of leagues in each country varies and new leagues are generally established based on the number of managers in that country. Each league consists of 16 teams and each team plays 30 games. All teams play eachother twice, once home and once away. Each league has a certain level of play, denoted by the Roman Numeral (I, II, etc.), and then a division of that level denoted by the second number. Most leagues have 2 leagues below that feed their top teams (the exception, of course, being the lowest leagues), and 1 league above (with the exception of league I) feeding their lowest teams. For example, III.1 receives the playoff finalists from each IV.1 and IV.2 and the 15th and 16th seeds of II.1, and III.2 receives the playoff finalists from IV.3 and IV.4, and the 13th and 14th seeds from II.1. Each league consists of 16 teams. During the regular season, every team plays 30 matches, all teams play each other twice, each hosting one of the games.


Points are used to determine the League Standings, most points to least. Points are awarded after each league game as follows:

Win during regulation - 3 points Overtime win - 2 points Loss during regulation - 0 points Overtime loss - 1 point Draw - 1 point

Position of a team is determined based on the total number of points from regular season. Tie-breakers are goal difference followed by goals for.


Playoffs follow the regular season and the top 8 teams from the regular season qualify for the playoffs. There are three rounds in the playoffs (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals). The team which wins 2 out of three games advances to the next round. Higher seeded teams during the regular season have home ice advantage in the series, opening home; after each game of the series home ice alternates. Teams reseed after the first round, the top seeded team will always play the lowest seeded team. Winners of the semi-final (second) playoff series advance to the championship series, the losers of the series advance to the bronze medal, or third place series.

2, or 4 teams are relegated to lower league (based on regular season standings) depending on the number of leagues on the lower level. Playoff finalists are promoted to the next highest league.

The SeasonEdit

The entire season lasts 70 days (10 weeks).

Generation of a new season, aging of the players, reseting of fans tendency and team spirit to default values, promotion and relegation of teams will be executed automatically in last Saturdays's game update (Saturday of the 10. week).

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