The Line-up page shows the line-up that your team will be using in the next league match, detailed with all attributes, age, energy, form, and nationality. It also shows any substitute players playing in for players who may be injured or playing for the National/U20 teams. Lower on the page, it will give a list of any Power Play and Penalty Kill Lines you have activated for that night's game, as well as all players on reserve. In order to make changes, one must click the links at the top, which we will now explain.


On this page, you can create Lines and add/move around Goalies who will start and backup that nights game.

To add a Goalie, click add below the Goalie section, select position GOA next to the player you wish to add to the Goalie roster, then press create. Once back on the main page, you can set the order of your Goalies with the priority field. Higher numbers are higher up on the list, and will start if the highest activated Goalie (the backup is the second highest). You can also check and uncheck to activate and bench a goalie respectively.

To create lines, it's the same procedure, but you're adding entire lines when you click add. Instead of just GOA, you'll see all the positions and pick all 5 players as once. Highest priority is first line, best 4 lines will be used. To play three lines, only activate three lines. If four lines are active, those four lines will play. You can create up to 12 lines. To change players on lines, click the line name, then the A-B button left of the player, and sub that player out with his replacement.

The change buttons are for saving priority/active settings. They work independently. If you make changes to both goalies and skaters and click the goalie button, the skater changes won't save/will be reset.


Substitutes are changed the same way as goalies and go in if a player is hurt or sold. You can also set players in your lines as a sub, for example if you wanted a 4th liner to replace a first liner in case of injury and the sub to go in the 4th line.

Line AggressivenessEdit

A player's skill in checking an opponent is still tied to their Strength skill, but the new game engine came with a variable setting in your Line-Up screen called Aggressiveness (Aggr). Your line aggressiveness will adjust how often your players will actually make use of their checking skills to check opponents.

The higher your line's Aggressiveness setting, the more often your players will go for hits. The downside to this is that the more often your players go in for the hit, the more likely they are to be penalized, especially if they have a low Self-Control skill.

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