To adjust your tactics, go to Team -> Tactics


The attack and defense boxes allows you to increase the skills of your attack/defense for that period. Total for all boxes can't be above 30.

How one allocates the 30 points is entirely up to them. However, here are some things to consider. The tactics option have been chaneged in version 2.0. The old tactic functioned such that 1pt allocated to Def, will grant your Goalie +1 pt to their Goalie skill and Defender +1 pt to their Defense and Strength skill. 1 pt allocated to Att, will grant each forward +1 to Attack and +1 to Shooting. The new tactic is going to be increased by percent, where 1 pt allocated to one area means +1%.

Win bonus increases player motivation. The amount is paid to each player if the team wins. This resets every night, you can only set it for the current night's game. There is a cap of 10 times player's salary. Above this, you will not gain any more.

Pulling the goalie sets if/when to change the goalie based on score and game time. There is no way to pull the goalie when down late in a game.

Tactics on Calender PageEdit

Match importance affects players' motivation and team spirit. Motivation always goes up when going from low to normal and normal to high, down when you go in the opposite direction. Bad scouts may tell you otherwise. Team spirit is described in Team: Info.

Ice time: How long each line is on the ice before subbing. Order is first line on left, fourth line on right. Ice time affects energy and how your players match up against the other team. The best one to use depends on your players as well as what the other team uses.

Shot Targeting: This is the area of the net your players will be targeting during the game. If this area is the opposing goalie's weak spot, you could possibly score a good amount of goals. Otherwise, it will be as if you chose normal targeting, except a little less effective. Shot targeting is shown in the Match Report.

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