Training allows your players to gain skills and thereby become stronger, faster, and so on. To access the Training Menus, click Players on the top menu.

Schedules PageEdit

This is where you set up your training.

The training intensity is how hard players that aren't in the game will train. How high you can set it depends on your regeneration facility. It is best to set this below 100% and not build rest into your schedules.

Starters have their intensities set based on post game energy. If your schedule is 80 shot/20 rest and your starters train at 50% intensity, they will train 40 shot. If your schedule is 100 shot, they will train 50 shot. Your subs will need some kind of rest, but if you set the intensity lower, rather than using rest in schedules, you can use the same schedules for subs and starters.

To add a schedule, click Add. Then you will name it. Once it's named, it will appear on your list. Click it to set which skills and how much of each to train.

Training PageEdit

Here is where you assign the training schedules. Starters are on top, subs on the bottom. Starters show the shift length for their line.

Don't forget to hit confirm to save changes.

Players on Idle don't train and they don't rest. New players to your team will be placed on Idle. Players with energy falling below 50% will also be placed on Idle and they have a VERY high risk of injury.

Training For Match PlayersEdit

Training Schedules are setup differently for players who are in a match that day.

Both training intensity and distribution (the actual skills trained) are automatic depending on:

  • Player's energy level after the match (the more icetime he gets, the more he tires)
  • Your Regeneration Facility Level, as a player will only train as intensely as he can without dropping below 99-100% Fatigue
  • The player's position during the game.
    • Defensemen will be more likely to gain Defense and Strength than offensive skills
    • Wingers will be more likely to gain in Attack and Shot than defensive skills
    • Centers will receive more improvement to their Strength than wingers.

When setting up schedules for players in a match, Create one training schedule set to 100% of any skills or combination of skills, and set all of your starters to play that schedule. Your players will rest automatically depending on how tired the match made them, and the actual skills trained will depend on their played position.

(NOTE: The in-game Guide currently mentions training intensity, but not the training regimen for players in matches. That information came from player feedback)

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